Didn’t have the insp to draw something, but I wanted something to post today, so I did some lineless real quick.


Me and my friends have secured a mini-van that we can get for $500, but together we’re a little short. If anyone can donate anything, or purchase a commission from me, that would be super helpful and I’d owe you so much thanks!!!

We really need this car and I don’t know when we’ll get another deal like this that we’re so close to having.

Hey Tumblies! Mika here…

Have you wanted to support me and my art, but never had the money for a full blown commission? Wish there was an easier way to help me out with my bills and allow me to keep doing the art you guys love?

Well never fear! I have come with a solution! Become a Patron and give as little as $1 a month!

Benefits you ask? Well, firstly you’ll be supporting me so that I can continue to have the small things in life I need, which’ll give me the free time to make art!

And I have rewards as well! (I’m lame and haven’t thought up a lot but this post will be updated as I make more rewards, as well as my Patreon page)

Have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or anything else you’d like to ask me? Email me at wonderfulmikaarts@gmail.com!

My Patreon Page

Warrior King Michael

I tried experimenting with my line-art and colouring on this piece! Also, I’ve been itching to draw something from me and mosteamybeats King AU. I decided to switch around his “Banjo” colours so they’d look a little nicer on this drawing @u@

Also, drum roll please, I finished the speedpaint video! Check it out at your leisure!

Feedback is much appreciated ♥ -:-click here for full view-:-

For avocatdelapoursuite :3c


Actual photo of me. —>lopbunnyboy


Anonymous sent:

Draw in sharky-bandits style

sharky-bandit replied to your post “Send me the url of another artist, and I’ll try to emulate their style.”

i hate to be the “me” person but me. try me. #totallynotsorry

Your style is super cute and mine is poop but here I tried.

Anonymous sent:

I would buy art from you but...I don't have money or a job. as soon as I do though you can bet I'm going to! I love your style

aaaaa ur so kind ;u;

if u can’t, i understand! Peeps be broke nowadays. We should all huddle around a flaming trashcan and wear cutoff gloves and be dirty

hobo it up dude

but no honestly thank you very much, i’m humbled that you like my style



Price Info:

Chibi - $15.00

Chibi+ - $25.00


Sketch - $20.00

Sketch Colour - $28.00

Sketch Colour+ - $35.00


Line - $30.00

Line Colour - $38.00

Line Colour+ - $45.00


Minecraft Skins - $7.00


Pixel Gifs - $10.00



Background - $5.00

Add Character - $5.00 / $8.00 / $10.00 (Depending on the above styles)

Hey Tumblies! Mika here! With a brand-spankin’-new commissions post! I would very much appreciate if you’d take a look and reblog this post, if you’d please!

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For any questions or concerns, please contact me on my main blog; lopbunnyboy~ For commissions, or in-depth questions please email me at wonderfulmikaarts@gmail.com

Commission for couple-a-hundred-of-em, them and their boyfriend! (Minus one adorable snake friend uvu) The bottom image is transparent, just for fun. I hope you like it hon! :3c

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