I'm Mika and I like robots and porn. Thats about it.

Anonymous said —
❝ stop begging for money ❞

Why should I~ :3

Mind your own money, then come back and see if I care. (PS the answer will still be I don’t care :D )

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lil preview of a thingy im working on for 4/13

its been so long since ive drawn these two

boobliea replied to your post: wonderfularts: I drew a happy snail f…

Your snail looks better than my face get out of here.

lies [paps ur face]

u get over here instead


I drew a happy snail friend



Trying to get myself drawing, again.

It’s amazing how easy it is to fall back into this sort of style, even though I haven’t drawn anyone from the Gorillaz for seven or eight years, now.




I’d like to thank the academy 

follow friendo you will not regret it

about to have gurrenbuster give me a buzzcut while steampunkbeatle cries at the loss of my luxurious ginger locks

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The robo-child we must protect at all costs

The prize for michael-fracture-that-benji who won my 300 follower contest. His little fanbot Al, as requested.

Also my lines are shit but I need to practice doing lines again. I’ve been slacking.