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Aren’t I cute

Mmmmm So at like Midnight last night I had this idea of Ray as like, this Tech God. King of the Digital you might say. So here’s Ray being an Electronic Badass!

Art trade/Redraw with my bestie avocatdelapoursuite!!

Redraw of this beautiful bab right here~ I hope I did her justice Taren! u3u ♥

Pose Practice 8/16/14

A gift for my pal weiweipon, their OC Noir! I didn’t have a colour ref, but I still tried to make him look cool, even in black and white QuQ Gomen!

Thank you for letting me draw your baby!




Actually, I do know what to say! In honour of reaching this milestone, I’M DOING AN ART GIVE-AWAY!!

Where you will win fabulous art prizes, FOR FREE, from myself! Such as…








How will you be picking the winners?
Random number generator.

Will you do OCs?

What about nudity?
No. If you want nudity, maybe go check out my commissions.

Is this free?

Can we use the drawing you give us?
Yeah! Just be sure to credit me however you use it.

Sound simple enough? Great!! Thanks for being my followers you guys, I can’t tell you how much it means to me. Questions should be directed over to lopbunnyboy. ♥ Good luck!

EDIT: The end date is August 31st, and the winners will be announced September 1st.



All Commissions automatically come with flat colouring.

Backdrops are not backgrounds, and they are just simple patterns or flat colours behind the character(s).

If you want something more in-depth than that, check out my regular commissions prices

Hey Tumblies! Mika here! Because I am very desperate for money, what with having no job, barely able to pay for food, phone minutes, and gas to drive every month with the money that my bae makes at their job, and trying to move soon, I have lowered my commissions prices drastically!! I would very much appreciate if you’d take a look and reblog this post, if you’d please!

If you’d like to see examples of my everyday work, visit the blog: wonderfulmika! If you’d like to see examples of commissions I’ve done in the past, click this link!
To pay, there is a paypal button on this blog!

I also have a Patreon Page, and a donation page on GOFundMe to help for moving.

For any questions or concerns, please contact me on my main blog; lopbunnyboy~ For commissions, or in-depth questions please email me at wonderfulmikaarts@gmail.com

Please buy a commission from me! Now that I have a car, I can apply for jobs in some of the towns around mine, but I need money to pay for car insurance, transfer the title, phone minutes, food, gas, my bills, etc.

And right now, paying for the car drained all we had saved up. We can’t pay anything right now and that scares me. Please please consider paying for a commission. I’ll even lower the prices more if I have to, please!!

Monster!AU headshots part 2: Devil!Ryan and Poltergeist!Ray

It took forever to get Ryan’s face right @-@ I’m pretty sure Ray is the only Achievement Hunter I can draw correctly. Anyway, one more of these to go! Be on the lookout for Jack and Geoff >u>

Part 1: Witch!Michael and Slime!Gavin

Monster!AU headshots part 1: Witch!Michael and Slime!Gavin

This is a thing I’m doing, because me and Mo make too many AU’s to not draw one. Stay tuned for more!

Part 2: Poltergeist!Ray and Devil!Ryan

Pose Practice 8/9/14 feat. Elf Girl in a cool palette

Pose Practice 8/6/14 avec a pretty elf girl